Monday Morning Video Pick-Me-Up

Time for another Monday morning trip through time and space.

We’ll get things started in Italy on July 6, 1997, when Phish not only opened their soundcheck to the public, but held a karaoke contest for fans. Head to this post of ours from September for all the videos. But I want to direct your attention to one that will take your unkicked-Monday-morning-ass and kick it straight across the room:

Now to ’92 for a little machine-gun Trey:

I’ve got Fall ’97 on the brain — I’ve been listening to and reviewing each show on Twitter on its anniversary. There have been a million highlights already, and there’s still a week of amazing shows left. But here’s just a straight-up rocking Crossroads from the recently-deceased Spectrum:

Up I-95 and back 7 years we go, to 4/29/90 in Connecticut, for Fluffhead. Mike’s banana pants rival his legendary purple bottoms.

Finally, an oldie-but-goodie that will send you into your week with a bang: