A Show For Your Weekend: Deer Creek ’99, Night 1

Official Concert Poster

In late July of 1999, Phish started another chapter in their historic relationship with this fan-favorite venue. Deer Creek, paired with Alpine Valley, usually provide a heavy anchor for the rest of the tour to revolve around. Deer Creek just hit the 20-times-played mark this past year. There’s nothing like spending an evening with your favorite band in one of the most musically historic, best sounding, and curfewless venues (Deer Creek ’09 ended at 1am).

As you can see by the setlist, it was a special show. An unusual Meat opener, an unfinished My Friend to segue into the often elusive My Left Toe and then into the first Whipping Post since summer of ’96. Makisupa featured banter about getting Kuroda wasted after the show for his birthday and asking him to do a 1 minute silent light show to honor his passage of time–on the recording all you hear is cheering, obviously.

The Boogie On is completely reprised later int he show during the YEM jam. The monster Birds seamlessly goes into Walk away. Antelope has is oddly placed in the 3 spot and is absolutely mind blowing. Suzy is one of my favorite all-time versions (listen for the HUGE delay loop from Trey).

Set 1: Meat, My Friend, My Friend -> My Left Toe -> Whipping Post > Makisupa Policeman > Happy Birthday to You, Makisupa Policeman, Saw It Again, Boogie On Reggae Woman, Cavern

Set 2: Birds of a Feather -> Walk Away, Run Like an Antelope > Suzy Greenberg, Hold Your Head Up > Purple Rain > Hold Your Head Up, You Enjoy Myself

Encore: Loving Cup

I actually remember having this show on tape; the tape I had cut the Suzy in half because only a few minutes of the beginning were on the end of side A and the end of the song was on side B. I remember being so frustrated when I wanted to listen to that.

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A humorous Purple Rain, where Fish forgets the lyrics, tees us up nicely for the serious YEM closer.

This is a must-have in any fan’s collection.