Monday Morning Video Pick-Me-Up

Well, next Monday, we’ll all have a pick-me-up in the form of the beginning of New Year’s run. Until then, though, some videos should do the trick. And this just might be the best batch yet. Let’s start with one that was uploaded just this weekend by the marvelous silverchair97. It’s the gorgeous Hood opener from 12/18/99–the last show before Cypress, and the first song I ever saw in Hampton Coliseum. Trey’s harmonics in the jam are just beautiful. NOTE: Audio doesn’t start until a minute in.

Next up: if you’ve never seen the Bluegrass Sessions documentary, you absolutely need to. You can check the whole thing out here. But for a taste, check out this amazing version of I’m Blue I’m Lonesome from backstage.

I hadn’t realized that video of the Dark Side of the Moon set from 11/2/98 existed, much less that it was screened at Festival 8. I’m sure the copyright issues would make it tough to release, but damn, they have to figure that out and get this to the masses. Until then, someone videotaped the screen and slapped it on Youtube, so we can enjoy it secondhand. Here’s Time:

Next, a video from what was arguably the best month in Phish history: August ’93. Everyone remembers that month’s Antelopes and Melts, the Murat Gin, and dozens of other jams for the ground the band was breaking, and for being at once wild and frenetic yet utterly focused. But even within the confines of a “normal” version of a song–in this case, an 8.5-minute Runaway Jim–the band heads to some fascinating places, going far out and coming right back like it was the easiest thing they’d ever done.

Lastly, I challenge you to watch these two videos of the main Wipeout portion of 11/27/98 set 2 and NOT be pumped for Worcester next week: