Free: LivePhish Releases Trey & Scorchio Quartet Princeton Show


As an early Christmas present to fans, LivePhish has just made Trey’s November 18th show at the Richardson Auditorium available for download free. To download, click here. To read OPT’s full review of the show, please read Review: An Acoustic Evening with Trey Anastasio.

I am excited they released this, especially for free. Thanks LivePhish.

Set: Love Is Freedom, Water In The Sky, Summer of ‘89, Divided Sky, Greyhound Rising, Bar 17, Gone, Brian and Robert, Stash, Flock of Words, Strange Design, Wolfman’s Brother

Encore: Julie, Let Me Lie

Trey was on piano for Bar 17, Gone, and the first half of Wolfman’s Brother.
Tom Marshall sang on Strange Design.
Leah, the cellist, sang backing vocals on Flock of Words.