A Couple Under-circulated Trey Gems

Yesterday was the 70th anniversary of the birth of a great musician and composer, and one of Phish’s core influences: Frank Zappa. In his honor, I uploaded a version of Peaches En Regalia. Played in Albany on December 29, 2006, by Trey’s undectet–which included a 5-piece horn section, Jeff Sipe on drums, Tony Hall on bass, and Cyro Baptista on percussion–this arrangement hews closer to that played by Zappa’s ensembles in the early 1970s than the Phish version with which we’re all familiar. (If you have trouble listening to the track in the embed below, go directly to Soundcloud to listen.)

I have one more semi-rare Trey recording for all of you. A few weeks ago, I posted a ’93 recording of Widespread Panic with the Bad Lieutenant sitting in. Well here’s another one from eight years later: 10/16/01 in Seattle. This one features Trey sharing the vocals on folk standard Fixin’ to Die (played several times on Phish’s Fall ’94 tour), before the band goes into Wish You Were Here, followed by a lengthy jam. Some great stuff in there; I recommend listening to the whole thing.

Download Widespread Panic with Trey 10/16/01