It’s Snow

Phish is arriving at the DCU Center tonight for their first show since Halloween. The snow has been falling the past 24 hours and is supposed to continue up until showtime. One of the first things that comes to fans’ minds isn’t their personal safety, but rather, “is Phish going to do anything special?”.

Phish is a band known for constructing shows around their surroundings, it’s not far-fetched to wonder if they are going to either play a special cover (Winter Wonderland, anyone?), or structure their set differently–I’d bet on It’s Ice in the first set…maybe a 3.0-changing Seven Below and/or Tweezer in the second set? Hell, first set Tweezers aren’t very uncommon in 2010 anymore–maybe Tweezer -> It’s Ice in the first set, Seven Below -> (special snow day cover song) in the second? Maybe I shouldn’t get too ahead of myself.

Hidden Track posted some past snow day shows in Phish’s history: 02/12/1993, 12/28/1993, 12/29/1993,12/30/1993, 12/09/1995, 12/14/1995, and 12/11/1997–some pretty nifty snows.

Ok, after looking at that list, I am going to go ahead and definitely call a Tweezer, It’s Ice, and Seven Below tomorrow. The only real question I have left for this year-ending/starting run is: are they going to play any song twice? While I’m pretty sure they have never repeated a song on an NYE run, but, they have also never played a five-show NYE run. There is also a higher chance of a song being repeated when there is a day between venues. I suppose we will find out soon enough.

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