Monday Morning Video Pick-Me-Up: Worcester and MSG Runs Past

Despite the northeast’s being hit by the 12/2/95 Tweezer of blizzards over the past 24 hours, the show will go on at the DCU Center in Worcester tonight. This week’s pick-me-up — in which we’ll take a snowmobile ride back through MSG and Worcester runs past — is dedicated to everyone (myself included) who wants to be there, who’s supposed to be there, but is stuck in an airport, a train station, on the side of the road, or somewhere else because of the awfully timed snowstorm.

Last week’s pick-me-up closed with the Wipeout-fest from 11/27/98. So let’s pick things up with the coda to that crazy Wipeout-inflected Worcester run:

I’m struggling to think warm thoughts. But the title of this song and Trey’s guitar playing are a good start. From Worcester ’97:

In 1997, Phish opened the second of three MSG New Year’s run shows with the first Sneakin’ Sally since ’89. They then played it again as part of the marathon encore that stretched well past curfew, and you’ll understand why when you see how well it went the first time:

The second night of the following year’s NYE run at MSG was no slouch either. The second set is great from start to finish, but includes what may be the best 2001 ever. Unfortunately, no video from the set exists. But the spectacular Divided Sky, which was played in an encore for the first time since 1990, does:

Finally, we travel back to Phish’s first show at MSG, 12/30/94.

Whether you’re seeing all five shows, none of them, or something in between, have fun this week and be safe.