A Look Back at Phish New Year’s Runs Past with David Steinberg

From Jambands

Randy Ray from Jambands just finished up a two-part interview with David (ZZYZX) Steinberg on the topic of Phish’s past NYE runs, starting with 1989. It’s a fantastic read, both interesting and fun. David offers some humorous and insightful stories, including on how he has become the “original unofficial Phish statistician (aka The Timer)”.

Randy Ray: Let’s go back to the beginning. I believe your first Phish show was October 28, 1989. Appropriately, your first song was “I Didn’t Know,” right?

David Steinberg: “I Didn’t Know” and “You Enjoy Myself” were the first two songs I saw Phish do.

Part 1
Part 2