Rumors of Watkins Glen and Hampton Becoming Strong

I try to be very careful about the things I post on here, which is why I debated putting this information up. The possible show(s) at Watkins Glen seem to be gaining more momentum–something that would likely be towards the end of a first leg or the entire summer tour. Along with the race track, a run at Hampton (something I initially rolled my eyes at) seems to be close to a for-sure deal–likely to be in the beginning of the summer tour (or perhaps separate?). I heard that it was booked; to be cautious, I am only saying it’s “close” to 100%.

As I get more information, I will keep you all informed. I am already getting the itch–and it’s not even been two weeks. For more information about Watkins Glen, please go to our post from last month here.

Take this information for what it is, but please know I’m not here to spread off-the-cuff rumors. Also, please don’t make any travel arrangements on this information until it’s officially announced by Phish.