Monday Morning Video Pick-Me-Up

Most of you probably have this Monday off, but hey, that’s no reason you shouldn’t start the week off right. So we’ll pick up where we left off with last Monday’s pick-me-up, which scraped the surface of Phish’s televised jams.

We posted video of the FarmAid Moma, in which Trey’s raging borders on violence, a couple months ago. If you haven’t seen that, check it out. Either way, enjoy the 19-minute Down by the River, featuring Neil Young, that followed:

October of 1998 was a big TV month for Phish; following the FarmAid performance, they played a set for David Byrne’s PBS show, Sessions at West 54th. I posted the blazing Ghost from that gig last month. Here’s the Taste:

As long as we’re at it, here’s Birds of a Feather from Letterman on 10/27/98. As they were plugging this single, it appeared on all three of these 10/98 TV appearances. Truthfully, this one is shorter and weaker than the FarmAid and Sessions versions, but still worth a look.

Okay, I’m done with October ’98 now, promise. Phish’s 2/16/97 show, which was recorded for German TV, captures the early February ’97 sound, which, maybe not surprisingly, is closer to the post-Remain in Light sound of Fall ’96 than the funk that developed over the course of ’97. This first-set Crosseyed is an excellent example of what happened when it worked. The whole 2/16/97 show is on Youtube and is worth watching.

Okay, this last one’s sort of cheating, because if memory serves, not all of it was televised. But whatever, I’m the one that decided on the Televised Phish theme, so I can deviate from it if I want! So here’s Ya Mar > Mike’s from Roseland Ballroom 5/23/00. Watch the whole thing, then check out the Simple on Youtube if you like…