Mike Still a Fan Favorite, for Good Reason

After looking at the official dates for Mike’s tour this March, the first thing that popped into my mind was, “this is what fans have been asking for for two years”. Mike is the most outgoing when it comes to fan interaction, relative to his bandmates.

Mike is the one that has been cruising the pre-show lot scene in a golf cart for years. Mike is the guy that answered fan mail sent to Phish via the Doniac Schvice. Mike is the guy that set up the fan hotline. Mike is the guy that invited fans on stage to jam with him (including our very own Guy Forget) for nearly four hours. Mike is the guy that signed all pre-ordered copies of his new album, Moss. Mike is the guy that wrote all the silly sentences for the fans streaming the NYE shows during setbreak. Now, Mike is the guy that’s starting a tour that starts in Oregon, goes all the way down through southern California, and through southern states before ending in the Northeast. Almost the exact opposite of Trey’s tour completely messed up tour.

Trey, God love him, just isn’t the Trey of years ago. I can’t fault him so much for that as so much has changed in both his life and our’s; however, I can certainly praise Mike for always “keeping it real”. Mike Gordon is one-of-a-kind when it comes to famous musicians. Not many would still greet fans face-to-face, hand-to-hand in a pre-party “tailgating” scene before their concert after the amount of success he has achieved. Not many artists would care where fans wanted them to tour when they could make just as much money, if not more, in the comfort of a close proximity to home.

Between the friends I have in Vermont and the few I have that work for Phish, the agreement seems to be that Mike is the one that will go to a local bar to have beers with anyone. He is the guy that enjoys going out for a bite to eat or swinging by someone’s weekend dinner party. While Trey sells his iconic Barn to move permanently to New York City, Mike is the growing his already-strong foundation in the community he has called home since before he was famous.

There have been times when I have looked at Mike onstage during 3.0 and thought to myself, “boy, he looks real unhappy”. But all I have to do is remember him playing at any point through the ’90s to realize that he always looks like he’s borded on stage. Just because Trey is the one giggling and smiling onstage, it doesn’t mean he’s the one that’s enjoying it the most or takes it most seriously. Mike takes both Phish’s and his music very seriously–so seriously that he realizes he is contributing to something larger than himself or his band which is why he puts together hilarious videos to announce tours that most famous people would be downright embarrassed of. There is a very real reason that Mike has been the undeniable MVP of 3.0 thus far. Both Mike’s music and humor is ripening with his age–how many other musicians can you say that about?

Mike as awesome as it gets. We are blessed that we get him in our favorite band. Gosh, now I’m thinking how awful it would be if Marc Brownstein was the bassist of my favorite band.

Please buy tickets to Mike’s upcoming shows. Let’s show Phish that they are loved all over the country–well, it’s not Mike that I’m trying to convince.

Tickets are already on sale via a real-time presale at Mike Gordon Tickets. The presale ends Thursday at 5 pm EST.

March 5 McDonald Theatre, Eugene, OR
March 6 Van Duzer Theatre, Arcata, CA
March 7 Crown Room, Crystal Bay, NV
March 8 Rio Theatre, Santa Cruz, CA
March 9 House of Blues, San Diego, CA
March 11 Orpheum Theatre, Flagstaff, AZ
March 12 Sheridan Opera House, Telluride, CO
March 13 Belly Up, Aspen, CO
March 14 Ogden Theater, Denver, CO
March 15 Bottleneck, Lawrence, KS
March 16 The Pageant, St. Louis, MO
March 18 Mercy Lounge, Nashville, TN
March 19 Center Stage Theatre, Atlanta, GA
March 20 The Orange Peel, Asheville, NC
March 22 & 23 Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY
March 25 State Theatre, Falls Church, VA
March 26 Higher Ground, Burlington, VT