Monday Morning Video Pick-Me-Up: Utter Sickness

For those of you in the northeast who spent the weekend suffering through temperatures that barely stayed in positive territory, you may have me to blame: my body literally sucked up all the heat, leaving me with a terrible fever and leaving the rest of you in the freezer. That’s how it feels, anyway.

I thought I’d make the most of my condition by bringing you some jams that are as sick as I am. All of these have been uploaded to Youtube in the past week or so, so chances are you’ve never seen them.

First up, the 30-minute Hood from 7/25/03 in Charlotte. This one’s for all you 2.0 skeptics: though it takes a bit to get cooking, the middle third has some truly excellent improvisation. Check it out:

Next up, a few videos from 6/23/89 in Boston. A few songs from this show have been on Youtube for a while, and we’ve shared the Peaches with you previously. But these new selections are amazing. Fish goes absolutely nuts in some of the jams; Trey’s hat is also worth a look.

Mike’s Song:

YEM (beginning with WUDMTF section):

Some jazz, courtesy of Donna Lee:

And a scorching Antelope – if you watch only one of these videos, make it this one: