Monday Morning Video Pick-Me-Up: Summers Past

With the Watkins Glen rumor becoming seemingly confirmed, then sort of becoming unconfirmed again this weekend, I got to thinking about summer Phish.

I was helped along by this video compilation of all the official videos the band posted online last summer, which is on Youtube (and on demonoid in a higher quality format):

Next, I began watching the 8/6/97 Ghost for the first time. A monster of a jam all the way through, and a must-see video:

Next, to 6/29/95, Jones Beach, for a pretty dark Split Open and Melt, which is an altogether different kind of dark from the version they played at JB in 2009. Check it out:

Finally, a Disease from 6/21/94 in Cincinnati. These early Diseases, in which the song always stuck to a pretty strict formula, just ripped. This is a pretty fine example of what that looked like: