Cash Or Trade…Or Just Go For Free Why Dontchya?

Like a crafty guerilla war leader, nobly leading his outmatched troops into battle against the forces of oppression, the good folks at Cash or Trade have decided to utilize the only advantage they have in their ongoing struggle against ticket scalping–knowledge of the home turf. In this case the home turf is you and I, the fan, and their knowledge of us is both simple and true. Namely, we love free shit. And so, in an effort to bring more of us into the fold, they have announced a giveaway of two free tickets–Mike in Brooklyn and Trey in Albany–to two lucky so-and-sos who manage to get three friends to sign up for an account on their site.

I know, if we all had that many friends we wouldn’t be spending our time reading blogs, right? Well I checked with them and it turns out that the three people you get to sign up don’t even have to like you or even know you, really. So now there’s no excuse, go forth and win those tickets already.

Here’s the official announcement:

As we emerge from a very snowy winter here in the northeast, Dusty and I have decided to start the year off right by saying thanks. We appreciate all the support in the face value community over the past 2 years. You all have been amazing at helping us spread the word.

So…continuing with that charge, we are giving away 2 tickets to both Trey and Mike shows to TWO lucky people who get 3 or more friends to sign up at

First place: 2 tickets to Trey Anastasio at the Palace Theater, Albany, NY on 2/19/11
Second Place: 2 tickets to Mike Gordon at the Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY on 3/22/11

It’s simple….tell 3 or more friends to sign up at and at the bottom of the registration form make sure they enter your Username (spelled correctly of course). You will then be automatically entered into a random drawing to win these tickets. There will be two drawings. One for first place and one for second. Once it gets rolling, we will post the members in the pool so you can know your odds.

One last thing. Each friend who signs up will need to fill in at least 50% of their profile 🙂 We want real members. Members who will be there when you need a ticket for face value….get it?

Just another way CashorTrade thanks you for Embracing the Face!
Brando and Dusty