A Show for Your Weekend: Warfield ’94 – Shake Your Macaroni!

Phish played the historic Warfield Theater a total of six times. Their final shows at the San Francisco venue took place on May 27, 1994. The show came towards the end of their 1994 Spring Tour, a tour that featured an entire month of May packed with southern, southwest, and West Coast shows. They played three consecutive nights in San Fran; the final night may have been the most fun of the set.

Set 1: Wilson > Runaway Jim, Foam, Bouncing Around the Room > David Bowie, If I Could, Punch You In the Eye > Harry Hood, Golgi Apparatus

Set 2: Suzy Greenberg, Peaches en Regalia > My Friend, My Friend > Reba, The Lizards, Julius, Nellie Kane, My Mind’s Got a Mind of its Own, Mike’s Song -> Simple-> O Mio Babbino Caro, Possum

Encore: Fire

The show, like many of the era, featured the classic Runaway Jim, Foam combo. However, this first set broke the a typical first set structure when Bouncing dropped into an eerie mid-set David Bowie. The version blew doors down early. They cooled down the crowd with a beautiful If I Could before stepping into an awesome first set combo, PYITE > Harry Hood

The second set is totally unique, starting with Suzy before the triple threat of Peaches > My Friend > Reba was totally unexpected. The mid-set Lizards and Julius, normally closing sets, gave way to guest fiddler Morgan Ficher for Nellie Kane and My Mind. Soon thereafter things got a bit crazy. The Mike’s Song got the crowd back into things quick, Trey segued into the debut of Simple. This Simple isn’t like typical versions in that it’s pretty much just Trey playing the Simple licks with the rest of the band (especially Fish) still playing Mike’s Song. Simple’s lyrics were more of a chant and incomplete to what the song is now.

After reprising Mike’s Song, the band gets very quiet, and opera singer Andrea Baker came out for an unmiced version of O Mio Babbino Caro. It’s gorgeous. Phish had just blown everyone away. So far in this set, they had played intricately composed songs such as Peaches, Reba, and Lizards. They had played rockers like My Friend, Simple, and Mike’s Song. They had played bluegrass with Nellie Kane and My Mind–now they are dabbling in opera music? Awesome.

They never ended up finishing the Mike’s Groove. Instead, they ended up handing out boxes of Flintstones macaroni. After a nearly 3.5 minute intro to Possum, the band dove into the song and became almost totally silent in the beginning of the jam after Fish exclaimed, “shake y our macaroni!” The crowd began to shake in unison (with the help of Trey joining back into the jam), before the band went into the typically explosive ending. The macaroni came back out for the Fire encore.

Have a great weekend, and enjoy the Super Bowl! GO PACKERS

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