Monday Morning Video Pick Me Ups: The Other Covers

Now that the Super Bowl is over, it’s time to get back to what’s really important. The Phish off-season is in full swing and the rumor mill is churning a mile a minute. While the boys from Pittsburgh were unable to cover the spread last night, I know one group who always covers with the best of them. But what about those other covers, the forgotten one-offs who sparkle with potential but are ultimately destined to stay back while their brethren continue to grow?

At The Greek this past summer, a friendly set of bay area brothers who graciously fed my starving girlfriend half of their falafel wrap pointed out to me what is definitely my favorite song request sign of all time: The Great Curve. What insanity, what Chutzpah! And yet…why not? Imagine an alternate universe where The Great Curve lived on after the ’96 Holloween show, producing ground-breaking jams and earning top-tier bust out status, while Crosseyed never left the tarmac. Watching the video below, it doesn’t seem so far fetched (also, the mid 90’s dancing is worth the time alone, thank you to the dudes and ladies in the front row for making my day) :

I nearly jumped a rail when the opening notes to Fat Man In the Bathtub started at MSG, but that was nothing compared to how I’m sure many of you reacted in Raleigh on 7/1/10 for this little clandestine Halloween warm up. Let’s hope that the rise of Fat Man doesn’t herald the end to this still-standing champ of Little Feat covers:

I was admittedly somewhat unfamiliar with this classic Velvet Underground cover when it busted out in Worcester, but I am no longer. Let’s hope it keeps popping its head out, as it did in Albany on 11/28/09.

Onto another Halloween gem, this one from Festival 8 that seems to be heading for the dustbin. I know we all yearn for more Torn and Frayed, but take a moment and let this music relax your mind and imagine what it might sound like substituting in place of a Caspian or 20 Years Later as the landing pad for a beautiful Light jam:

While we’re speaking of festivals, let’s tie a bow on this weeks edition with two festival related videos. Football season is indeed over, but touring season is right around the corner, with it’s nearly confirmed promise of a July 4th weekend festival at the beautiful Watkins Glenn racetrack. The first video is a low-res but wildly entertaining clip of a raging Antelope from Lemonwheel; thank you to the amateur videographer for those great close ups. The second is a white dove and a basket of roses as a peace offering to our DMB loving friends.

Look, lots of things were said over the past few weeks, some of them regrettable. We don’t hate you, we just like our festivals the way they are; namely, without you. You understand. Please accept this video of Trey with his silly grin as a sign of our sincere apologies. If those two can so clearly love each other, why shouldn’t we? So hug your closest Dave fan today, and while you have your face pressed against his ear make sure to whisper in it and remind him to please not come within 100 miles of Watkins Glenn on July 4th weekend. Happy Monday!