A Show for Your Weekend: Summer ’95 in Utah

The second show of Phish’s memorable 1995 summer tour was in Salt Lake City, Utah. The show boasts a unique setlist and impressive improvisation. It opens up with the gospel-esque Don’t You Wanna Go? by The Meditation Singers. It was the second time the energetic cover was played out of five times–all in ’95. The show ends with a high-octane rendition of Good Times, Bad Times.

Set 1: Don’t You Want To Go?, Ha Ha Ha > Runaway Jim, Guelah Papyrus, Mound, Fast Enough for You, Reba, Prince Caspian, Chalk Dust Torture

Set 2: Simple > Rift, Free, Bouncing Around the Room, Tweezer -> Lifeboy, Poor Heart, Julius

Encore: Good Times Bad Times

After the show opens, the band moves into an interesting Ha Ha Ha > Runaway Jim combo. The end of the first set brings a powerful version of Reba, without whistling, before debuting Prince Caspian. The set closes with a powerful Chalk Dust Torture.

The first Simple of the year opens the second set. The short take on the song blends into a dizzying Rift. The meat of the show comes with the classic duo of Tweezer -> Lifeboy. 1994 is the year Tweezer started blowing up, the tradition continued in its first take of 1995. This animal takes nearly 22 minutes to tame. It moves from one impressive segment of all-out improv to another seamlessly. This is the kind of jamming that Phish needs to bring back–controlled chaos. The band used to be able to listen to each other so well, they would take these jams up and down and all around before finally reaching their destination– in this case, Lifeboy.

Lifeboy is one of my favorite Phish songs. Tweezer -> Lifeboy was a staple combo of the band in the mid-’90s. After a chaotic bout of improvisation, Lifeboy was always a beautiful landing pad for the crown to rest softly upon. Although we have seen three versions in 2.0 and one in 3.0, we have not seen the classic combination of songs since the NYE run from 1996.