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Monday Morning Video Pick-Me-Up: Shoreline

I’m gearing up for a likely move from NYC to the west coast this summer. While California life has its advantages, I definitely won’t be in prime Phish territory, if the band sticks with the course they’ve followed the past two years. So I’m trying to console myself by remembering what great shows they’ve played on the rare occasions when they have actually showed the west coast some love. For this edition of MMVPMU, I’ll focus on some memorable moments from one particular venue: Shoreline Amphitheater, in Mountain View.

The first time Phish played Shoreline was 8/29/92, in an opening slot for Santana (check out my November post where I uploaded the full audio from the previous night’s show). The set on the 29th was only 5 songs long, but the band packed it in. Here’s the Maze:

The next time the band returned was on Trey’s 31st birthday, 9/30/95. The Weekapaug from that show is pretty out there, but it has some great, uniquely Fall ’95, moments. Check it out:

Next up, an unforgettable moment in Phish history: 9/17/99 with Phil Lesh. Here’s Cold Rain & Snow, which unfortunately got cut off:

And Wolfman’s, which also gets cut a bit short:

Shoreline was the host to another big date in Phish history: 10/7/00, the last show before hiatus. The My Soul first set closer is a pretty good reminder of how hard they were hitting as they headed into the break: