New Trey Interview on Hidden Track

Although the Unit Monster spotted his shadow and condemned all of us here in Phish land to six more weeks of no summer tour dates, today’s Trey Anastasio interview on Hidden Track (part one of a two-parter) offers some much needed relief. Like a warm can of Four Loko on a frosty February evening, this interview is guaranteed to rejigger the spirits and warm the cockles of your hearts to possibly unsafe temperatures. The wise red one opines, bloviates, and stokes debate on issues both TAB- and Phish-related. On sign requests:

Let me explain the sign situation from where we stand onstage. We see them the first time you hold them up. Yes, we saw the Manteca sign at the Garden. Page and I were cracking up about it backstage. The problem is, if you keep holding them up all night, It blocks the view of the people behind you, so it seems kind of insensitive to everyone else….The other thing is that sometimes we need to run through some of these songs before we can play them…So often we’ll see a sign, and think “we’ll check that one out tomorrow.”

On writing setlists:

Over the last few years, I’ve finally come to realize that it’s utterly impossible to know what to open with or what we’ll play until we’re standing onstage.