Phish to Release First Fall Remasters

Phish has just announced that they will be releasing a third batch of remastered shows: 10/30/10 and 10/26/10. 10/30 is obviously already popular because it’s the second night of the Halloween shows and features Led Zeppelin teases throughout. Personally, I’m far more excited for the Manchester show–it might be my favorite fall tour show. Actually, I know it is. Manchester’s second set features some of the best all-around Phish playing since their return in 2009. With this release, it certainly seems like this is becoming a pattern for JEMP–we can probably expect more to follow soon!

Cover Photos

From Phish’s Facebook:

We’ve cherry picked two shows from Phish’s Fall Tour 2010 for our next LivePhish Limited release. The shows are fully remastered by Fred Kevorkian, will be available for download at iTunes on Tuesday, April 12th.

To compliment the array of Archival LivePhish releases that are currently available, we’ve pressed a limited number of CDs of these remasters (in brand new, fully redesigned packaging). The CDs will be available at select record stores nationwide as well, and we’ll have some available at Phish Dry Goods as well. Ordering details will come in the coming weeks.