Monday Morning Video Pick-Me-Up: Trey Tour

Trey’s tour is now three shows old, and we’re going to celebrate this Monday morning by taking stock of what’s gone down thus far.

As you probably know, Red has started each show the way he did on his first solo tour in ’99: unaccompanied, on acoustic guitar. Though these sets have been almost entirely composed of Phish songs, he’s busted out a number of tunes that have never previously gotten the acoustic treatment. Among these, my favorite is a reworked, finger-picked Guelah Papyrus (sans the Asse Festival instrumental section) from Albany:

Each of these acoustic sets has closed with some or all of Trey’s bandmates joining him on stage to usher in the more raucous portion of the show. What will likely become the most-watched TAB Youtube video ever comes from the first of these sections: a cover of Outkast’s Hey Ya at the tour opener in Portland.

When it comes to Youtube views, that one will probably get a run for its money from Trey’s other dip into the mainstream: his performance of Gorillaz’ Clint Eastwood in Albany. Here it is:

From my perspective, Push On ’til the Day is up there with YEM, Chalkdust, and First Tube as the songs that most reliably get Trey pumped up. It did that and more midway through Portland’s second set:

Pretty hot stuff. I’m sure there’s plenty more of that on tap for this week, so come on back next Monday. Until then…