Alpine Valley OK’s Camping for ’11

In the category of news that’s sorta about Phish, though indirectly, but still exciting, though not related to anything really, but what the hell we’ll tell you anyway: The Alpine Valley Theatre has gotten approval to allow camping for the rest of ’11. The historic venue played host to many legendary Phish shows, including one just this past summer. That, of course, was the 08/14 show immortalized by an official DVD release that featured one of the finest jams of Phish 3.0 in DWD>What’s the Use?

Anyway, we have no way of knowing whether Phish will return for another go-round this August, but rumors are flying. Might be time to load up on bug spray and find your daddy’s tent. Here’s the full story, via the Janesville Gazette:

ELKHORN — Alpine Valley Music Theatre received final approval Monday for its 2011 concert license and campground for concertgoers.

David Shaw, Alpine Valley general manager, said the campground will be a convenience for music lovers who travel long distances to see performers at the venue in La Fayette Township.

The campground also will be noticed by bands as they decide what locations to play this summer, he said.

“Bands like playing places that are very appealing to their fans,” Shaw said.

The Walworth County Executive Committee approved the license Monday, capping an effort by Alpine Valley that began in November to gain approval for a campground. Alpine Valley received a zoning variance from the county Feb. 17.

Shaw needed town and county approvals for a campground of 75 sites located in the green lot, east of the ticket sales booth.

Each site will be 4,096 square feet and limited to a maximum of six people. Two cars can be parked at each site.

The Walworth County Sheriff’s Office reviewed and supported the plan.

Shaw said deputies would be on site 24 hours a day when the campground is occupied.

Large crowds appeared at town meetings to express concerns about the venue and its plans for a campground. They complained that the concert site already was too big and, at times, out of control.

Shaw said he listened to the issues.

“It got us in touch with Alpine Valley neighbors, and we’ve heard concerns that went beyond camping,” Shaw said.

County and town officials told Shaw that the camp site must be fenced, have water and sanitary sewer that comply with state and county safety regulations, be subject to annual permit renewal and have lights that don’t bleed illumination off the Alpine Valley grounds.

Campground rules include no barefoot walking, no campfires, lights out at 2 a.m., no charcoal grilling, no vending or fireworks, no pets and no glass bottles or kegs.

Conditions of the business license include:

— Attendance at any concert shall not exceed 35,600.

— Concerts should normally end at 11 p.m. but never go beyond midnight.

— If a concert with multiple artists is eight hours or more, concerts cannot be scheduled the day before or the day after.

— No more than 18 concert dates will be allowed per season, unless additional dates are authorized by the county.

— A surcharge of $1.90 will be attached to each ticket to pay for extra police protection, traffic control and refuse collection.

— Alpine Valley will provide a shed for 750 traffic cones.

— Alpine Valley will provide temporary lighting at the intersections of County D and Highway 120, County D and the airport lot, County D and the marquee lot, County D and Bowers Road, County D and the Pond Road exit, and Alpine Valley’s entrance at County D and Townline Road.