The Story of the Puking Streamer in Denver – With Video

***UPDATE (6:15 PM EST): We just got video. See the bottom of the post.***

Nick helping simpletwistup
simpletwistup screenshot

On Tuesday, simpletwistup was streaming TAB’s show in Denver. The stream was going pretty well, decent sound, close-to-decent audio–until Ocelot. After some incoherent yelling, the video (his phone/camera must have been resting in his breast pocket) switched to him exiting through side doors. He was questioned for about 7 minutes by a security guard about how drunk he was, if he was smoking pot, etc. When asked (on about 5 different occasions) what day it was, he kept on answering “Thursday”; the correct answer was Tuesday. Soon we heard sirens and saw the fire truck pull up in front of him. Firefighters took his blood pressure. The cops came, he started puking on the side walk. Then we saw an ambulance pull up. Eventually the stream cut off 20 minutes after leaving the venue while he was in either the ambulance or cop car. The video cut out right when he started another heave.

A person by him (and in parts of the stream), Nick Vannucci, contacted me with the story leading up to the chaos. Read on:

Last night we went to go see TAB at the Odgen Theater in Denver. Our spots were on the floor, left center, about 20 feet back from the stage. We were up against the ‘second rail’ which rose a couple feet above the people against the actual stage rail. Trey was in a great mood, lots of banter about Fishman. Someone in front of us yelled Tube during the first set, and Trey says, ‘you want me to play Tube? I’ll play Tube, I love Tube!’

Near the end of setbreak I asked the guy to my right if he had any pot left, because we were out. Without hesitation, the guy graciously pulled out his nugs and some glass, and loaded it up. We smoked it between me and my friend who are both from Wisconsin (go Packers!), and himself. When the bowl ended, we thanked him kindly as the the lights dimmed and the band came back for the second set.

The band tore into ‘Night Speaks’, we all started groovin’ and I never spoke again. Then halfway through the set, a dude taps me on the shoulder and says, ‘hey man, just wanna let you know that guy puked all over your back!’ After everyone behind me confirmed his statement, I ripped off my vitaminwater embroidered fleece and threw it on the ground, never to be touched again. I then realized that the guy who had just puked on me was the same guy who just smoked us up! I guess his own nugs were too strong for him. It’s funny because Trey commented during his first set banter about lovin’ Denver because ‘whenever you need to buy nugs you can just go like two doors down’.

So after the guy puked on me, he stood there, pale, swaying back in forth, eyes slightly rolled back, waiting for round two. Me and a couple other dudes were grasping him, asking if he was all right, while also trying to keep our distance. The girl to my left kept yelling, ‘get him outta here, somebody get him outta here!’ But nobody would claim him as their friend. Ironically, by default I was the one who knew him most, because of the bowl we smoked, but had also just been puked on by him, so it was kind of negated. He then starts to spew again and everyone pushes back from the rail and creates a huge empty radius around him. He pukes all over the ground and starts rocking towards the rail to grab support, and in doing so, puked on the people to the front of the rail, down a half step. He then stumbles through the crowd out towards the hall. Still, nobody in our section had any idea who this dude was. Not sure if my friend and I ever even exchanged names with him.

So after this point several funny moments began to ensue. These two other dudes from Wisconsin that I had chatted and had a beer with earlier, were starting to get pretty wasted themselves, per usual. They see the big open space in front of me, and not knowing its due to all the puke on the floor, joyously and naivly sprint up to our rail and start dancing and ‘splashing’ around. No one had the heart to tell them. As to be expected, one of the guys got pretty faint himself as the set went on, and became dead weight, that us surrounding fans had to support. That guy.

So amongst this madness, we’re all still raging to TAB and bonding with our neighbors over the ridiculousness that was being displayed. Then my aformentioned friend gets a text from none other than….OPT. He receives a blast of texts telling him that he was on the live stream, and that the guy streaming had been kicked out and was now in an ambulance, apparently on the way to detox. We can’t believe it. Can’t believe that guy was not only the streamer, but that he kept the tape rollin’. We then get sent more details about how he was crying and it was all caught on live stream. OPT let us know that everyone at home online was dumbfounded by the display and needed to know more details about why their stream ended up in an ambulance, coupled with crying audio. So this is my story of what happened prior to what you guys had home miraculously caught on live video.

Altogether it was a pumping show, with some very bizarre set notes. We wish that streamer luck and a quick recovery. The crying is definitely unfortunate.

Here’s the video: