Monday Morning Video Pick-Me-Up

You may come to OPT each Monday to be picked up by some videos and think, “what an easy job Guy Forget has, picking out sweet videos each week for us. I wish I had that job.” I want to disavow you of that idea, because the fact is, it ain’t easy. You see, I’m not trying to pick out sweet videos for you; I’m trying to pick out the sweetest videos. And that’s why I put, on average, about 100 hours each week into the Pick-Me-Up: because if I fall a little short on sweetness, you suffer. And if there’s one thing I hate more than unsweetness, it’s suffering.

That said, this week, my choices were easy. Why? Well, because some videos were uploaded to Youtube this week that I’d be opening myself to criminal prosecution if I didn’t share with you. So enough talk; let’s get watching.

First up, 7/24/99. This Alpine Valley show is very polarizing: while some lament the sloppy play and aimless jamming, others love the Fluffhead, which at 33 minutes is by far the longest version ever, the extended Mango Song, and the rarities (the only Happy Whip and Dung Song ever, the first Glide and Camel Walk in a year, the first Alumni Blues in 5 years). I’ll post some of the videos and let you make up your own mind. Here’s Mango > Happy Whip and Dung Song:

Alumni > Tweeprise:

Next up, for the first time ever, (almost) full video of the second-greatest show opener I’ve ever seen: 1999, from 12/31/98.

Finally, for its two-year anniversary, a brand-new remastered, unsplit version of the *first* greatest opener I’ve seen: the band’s glorious Fluffhead return, courtesy of Youtube superhero mkdevo:

Plenty of other great videos were uploaded this week, from these shows and others. I’ll post some of them next week, but for a sneak peek, check out Duanebase’s, silverchair97’s, and tdunski’s Youtube profiles.