Alpine May Remove Vending Fine

Alpine Lawn (B. Benton)

For years now, Alpine Valley in East Troy, WI has had a strict $1,000 fine for vending in its parking lots. This, along with heavy undercover police presence and even “watchtowers”, has made Alpine notorious for pre-shows busts ranging from vending all the way down to underage drinking.

In a meeting to renew Alpine Valley’s business license in Walworth County, supervisors suggested that the $1,000 fine be removed. Vending would still probably be against the rules, but this would make the pre-show lot tradition less risky.

The following is an excerpt from the news site My Walworth County–the article also details some more information regarding the ability to allow camping this year at Alpine for up to 450 people.

Supervisors only made one change to the renewal request with the elimination of a $1,000 fine for vending violations.

In addition to vending, Alpine prohibits drugs, contraband, fighting, open fires, tailgating, camping, animals, fireworks and alcoholic beverages in its parking lots.

Supervisor Nancy Russell questioned why vending was the only violation with a specified fine.

“The list was developed a long time ago and was meant to deter people,” according to Bretl.

He suggested the committee remove the fine as it is more important to establish a set of rules for Alpine’s guests.