Phish Sticks: Weekly Quotable Phish

Today I am starting a new weekly installment. Right now OPT has five weekly features: Monday Morning Video Pick-Me-Up, Relentless Communicator, Tales of Mental Tangle, Thoughts Out On the Page, and A Show For Your Weekend. This new feature will be posted every Friday, along with the Weekend Show. It will be quotes from around the web (other blogs, news, twitter, Facebook, etc) that are particularly amusing. It is meant to be a fun read while you’re getting work things wrapped up to enjoy the weekend. I hope this as fun as I predict it being.

If you see anything that you find funny or amusing, email me.

Let’s get started:


TheNatu: You Enjoy Myself cause it makes me think of you.

Sounds like a perfect night to me

Claireakabob: instead of going to dance, I am watching Buffy and pigging out on phish food. I totally made the right decision.


JoshuaColeman: @NAKEDdmblauren I would like that too, but Phish fans hate on DMB. Not cool with that.

Don’t let your parents hear!

unipsyco: Listening to Phish as I clean the garage. I guess today isn’t that bad…

Um, I don’t even know what that means.

WhitJanay: Haha phish okay! well what time u wanna go… cause a bitch could go to Ihop now!!! @CUNTfatal

We share your sentiments. We hope you enjoy your 400th Ants Marching encore.

PorkRollnEggs: Cool, no Phish.

I’d rather see him focus on Phish to be honest.

From Mercury News: the guitarist-vocalist was still trying to leave his old group (Phish) behind and concentrate on his other project

No, I’m sure that the three-night tour opener in the north east after 6 months of not playing will have trouble selling tickets

From The River Reporter: Fans of the band Phish are known to be enthusiastic, loyal and numerous. But are there enough of them in the region to pack Bethel Woods Center for the Arts for three days running?

Who the hell grumbled about this?

From South Carolina’s Charleston City Paper on the “best concert of 2010”: Some grumbled that Trey and the fellas seemed a little low on energy, but obviously, most attendees thought it kicked ass.

I like it!

Sammy Saltzman: #Treyblood

Aww, he probably had his ‘Birthday Girl’ tiara and everything.


LOL at getting your mom to “like” Phish on Facebook, then comment on one of their links saying this. Apparently their “biggest fan” doesn’t know that tickets go on sale again this weekend.

Comment on Phish’s Ticketing Link – Mary Cavazos Klassen Young: Okay, my son is their biggest fan and he has not gotten tickets to any of the shows. He is such an awesome boy, and I so want him to go to at least one, can anyone help!!!

Looks like I’m in the majority.

From the satire blog Phunion – Study: Majority of male Phish fans ‘Gay for Trey‘, single, yet straight