Fishman’s Goodbye to Teacher Joe Morello

July 1962

Via Phish’s Facebook:

RIP Joe Morello (1928-2011)

“I had three drum lessons when I was 13 to learn how to read from a guy named Dave Hanlon in Syracuse. The only other lessons I’ve ever had were from Joe and they were 15 years apart. I went to him in ’09 for the second one. I kind of knew this was coming after leaving that lesson. I’m very sad about this. My entire rudimentary practice routine has come from him. The last lesson I had with him was basically a confirmation that everything he had told me 15 years earlier was right and that I should stay on that track. What he taught me was literally the foundation of everything I will ever do on the drums and the value of having the confidence of knowing the instruction I received from him is as sound as it is can not be over stated. I owe him for correcting my mistakes, putting me on a right path and keeping me on it. Amazing. I am so grateful!” – Jon Fishman, Vermont 2011

You can read the biography of Morello, legendary jazz drummer: here