Monday Morning Video Pick-Me-Up

This week, we continue serving up some of Youtube’s recent offerings. You’ve probably all seen the legendary Ghost from 7/6/98 in Prague (if not, get on that right away, because I promise it will pick you up more than any of what I’m about to post). Well, PhrankieC87 just uploaded the previous night’s show. It’s not on the same level as 7/6, but it has some great moments. This Fee is one of them–really amazing, unique jam:

We continue with another show from Europe, this time 2/18/97 in Paris. Frequent MMVPMUer silverchair97 uploaded this entire show. Here’s Wolfman’s:

Pro-shot video of 7/19/03 has been on Youtube for a bit, but this week, Duanebase uploaded a higher quality version than we’ve seen before. Many nice moments from this show, including the “Leo trio” in the first set (NICU, Ya Mar, Rocky Top, followed by Lawn Boy), a jammed-out Piper > Rock and Roll, and YEM. Here’s Scents and Subtle Sounds:

Duanebase also recently uploaded a good part of the UIC run from November ’98. Unfortunately, the first half of the AC/DC Bag is missing, but the spacy second half is worth checking out, along with the killer Ghost that follows: