The Shows OPT Fans Are Seeing

Last week, I posted a poll for you all to take to get a handle on what first-leg summer tour shows you all were planning on seeing. I expect it to change slightly after the second leg is announced, but so far some results are expected while others are not.

As expected, Bethel is in first place with 40% of the 450 fans polled (at the time of me writing this). However, Bethel is still not sold out. The only Bethel shows that is sold out so far is the second night. I’m sure it will sell out eventually, but for it to not sell out within a couple days of tickets being released was shocking to me. It makes me wonder how they would pull off a festival in NY (Watkins) and expect a much higher turnout than Festival 8. In fact, only two shows of the entire first leg are sold out at the time of me writing this: Bethel2 and nTelos. If I would have guessed a week ago, all of Bethel, both of Alpharetta, Blossom and nTelos would at least be sold out. I know some are waiting for the second leg to be announced before purchasing first leg tickets, but still–only one night of Bethel? Not even one night at Alpharetta? Wow. Phish may have to seriously reconsider the price they are trying to charge for tickets.

Looking at the poll, I was also surprised to see Darien at the bottom. I would have thought Pine Knob would have stayed down there as it did for much of the beginning of the polling. I still think Pine Knob, just north of Detroit, will be the show of the tour. It’s far off the beaten path of tour. It’s the first time Phish will have played there. It’s apparently gorgeous with wonderful sound. And it probably won’t sell out. I think all those things mixed with the fact that it will launch Phish’s mini-Midwest run, the only thing off the east coast so far, will make it an explosive night for us all. I also expect people to be getting tickets for free upon entry–as will probably happen with a lot of shows. If I get to the venue and see pavilion tickets sitting on the ground after I just paid $74.50, I’m going to kick myself in the ass.