Monday Morning Video Pick-Me-Up: Spring

Here in the northeast, we got our first glimpse of spring at the end of last week. I thought we’d celebrate by checking out a few shows with which Phish ushered in past springs. To start, here’s the Buried Alive > Possum that opened 3/17/92 in Washington, DC. The Possum is notable for all kinds of secret language and for the faces of everyone in the front row, all of which you may notice were melted.

Two weeks later, the band laid down a nasty Melt in Columbia, MO. Don’t be deterred by the rough beginning; it gets good, I promise.

Next, we skip way forward, to 3/7/09 Wolfman’s. Now some of you may think I’m pushing the limits of “spring” here…and, well, you’re right. But the truth is, the band hasn’t played that many spring tours, and even fewer that have been captured on video. So give me a break and just watch the damn video.

All right, is 5/23 springy enough for you? Let’s check out the AC/DC Bag opener from the 2000 Roseland Ballroom show, which was taped for VH1’s Hard Rock Live:

It wouldn’t be a spring Phish compilation if there weren’t any Island Tour. And you can’t REALLY expect me to leave you with just one of those videos, can you? So here are a few.

4/2 Twist:

4/4 2001:

4/5 Funk jam > Cavern:

4/3 Tweezer Reprise:

Now go have a good week.