YEM Jamming Chart

Trampolines '99 (

Once again, the hard working volunteers at have gone above and beyond for fans. Having been in the works since 1994, and still a work in progress, the “jamming tune chart” for You Enjoy Myself was made available yesterday. Numerous YEM’s played from 2/3/86 (rated a C+) through the most recent one on NYE at MSG (rated a B/B+) are broken down into these segments: Boy, Jam, Bass & Drums, Final Segment/Vocal Jam, Total Time and Rating.

@Icculus, contributer shares some useful information in the “Show Introduction” link at the top of the Jamming Chart for YEM page. Here is some of what he explains:

“Boy” is the time when Trey sings it. “Jam” is when the jam segment begins, if I bothered to note its timing, or assuming it had a clear beginning. (It typically starts after Page’s trampolines-segment solo ends, but at times itÂ’s start is far from clear.) “B&D” is the timing for when the bass and drums segment begins. “FS/VJ” is when the final WUDMTF segment (and ensuing vocal jam) begins. If there was no vocal jam, “NoVJ” appears. “Total” is the total time (usually rough). “Rating” and “Notes” speak for themselves.

A big Thank You to the admins and contributors at for all that you do for fans. Your hard work does not go unnoticed!