Monday Morning Video Pick-Me-Up

I happen to be writing this from Florida, where Phish just happens to have put on a decent show or two in their day. Lucky for us, enough of these shows have been videotaped to pick many a Monday morning up. So let’s get to it. First off, the 2-25-93 show in Miami, from which I’ve previously shared with you the If I Only Had a Brain featuring Mimi Fishman. This time, let’s check out the blazing Good Times Bad Times encore, which would be a great piece of evidence to use if anyone ever challenges you on the idea that Trey is one of the greatest guitarists ever:

I feel like I owe you a piss break song after that, but I ain’t giving you one. The last time Phish played the Sunshine State, of course, was for the New Year’s run in 2009. The second set of 12/30 was especially good, and includes, in Back on the Train, one of the few best jams since the band’s return. Here it is:

Next up, a nasty version of Bowie from 11/16/95, a show that also featured Butch Trucks and, believe it or not, Jimmy Buffett on vocals for Brown Eyed Girl (which is unfortunately not on Youtube).

Everything we’ve seen so far has been pretty excellent. But arguably the two greatest shows in Phish history have taken place in Florida: 11-14-95 in Orlando (which you buy video of on LivePhish), and of course, Big Cypress.

First, the Mike’s. Now if you’ve heard this version, you know it’s darker and dingier than just about any Phish jam out there. But if you haven’t seen the video, you haven’t really experienced it. The whole thing is great, but the visual ridiculousness starts around when the second video does.

Next, the Crosseyed, which on certain days of the week is my favorite jam from Cypress (there’s a lot of competition – Mike’s, Melt, Gin, Disease, Rock and Roll, Drowned>After Midnight…)

And finally, the king of Cypress videos: an hour of pro-shot footage that exists thanks to the fact that ABC was there shooting Heavy Things for their NYE show. Some great stuff, including the Gin, but be forewarned: the Rock and Roll cuts out early.