Monday Morning Video Pick Me Up

After sticking to a theme for a couple consecutive Mondays (Florida last week, spring the previous), the theme this week is TINT. TINT stands for “there is no theme.”

There is a Theme, though; it’s the one from the pro-shot 6/22/97 show in Loreley, Germany:

How about those Trey faces? Next up, a new video, one of two from the 2-1-90 gig in Athens, GA, uploaded recently by silverchair97. This one starts with the closing notes of Bowie, and continues with Walk Away and Oh Kee Pa > Suzy. Like so many of these older videos, the guys look like they’ve just chugged ten 5-Hour Energy tubes, which is extra incredible since 5-Hour Energy didn’t exist in 1990.

Another new video is the final upload from the 2-18-97 Paris show that’s been gradually uploaded over the last month. This is the Bold As Love encore. Check it out–and while you’re at it, check out the audio of the show 3 nights later in Florence, which features some finger-tapping from Trey in Antelope, followed by a heavy metal Wilson.

Next, a fairly recent addition to Youtube that I’d missed: the 9-29-00 Spock’s Brain. The video isn’t amazing, but this is one of my favorite Phish songs, and an extreme rarity (this is one of only 3 versions outside of ’95–the last one of which I saw in Camden in 2003), and this is the only version on Youtube.

Finally, Duanebase has been adding new copies of the Island Tour videos to Youtube on their 13th anniversaries. The audio is from the tapers’ section, and unlike the existing videos, these aren’t split into two parts (aside from the 4/3 Roses). Here’s the transcendent 4-2-98 Twist:

And the stunning 4-3-98 Weekapaug:

Keep your eyes on Duanebase’s channel, as I suspect you’ll see the 4/4 and 4/5 videos go up over the next couple days. And for God’s sake, have a good week!