Manchester & AC Remasters Coming Tuesday

As previously announced, in stores next Tuesday, April 12th, Jemp Records will be releasing two new LivePhish Limited CDs from Fall Tour 2010 (pre-order here). Like handing a Playboy to a starving man, these remasters offer but faint distraction to a fan base hungry for more summer dates. Plus, despite tremors of an announcement coming next week due to the rumored Outside Lands festival connection (which is announcing its line-up on Monday), the release of these discs on Tuesday would all-but-seem to put the proverbial kibosh on such expectations. Phish, like any good crack dealer, knows to stretch out it’s product rather than give it all away at once.

And we, like any good crack junkie, will take what we can get. Which in this case are two deliciously crisp and treasure-filled additions to the LivePhish remaster collection.

Live Phish 10/26/10 Verizon Wireless Arena

Download: Makisupa -> Night Nurse -> Makisupa here

While I remember enjoying the first set a lot when I first heard the Manchvegas throwdown, I’ll admit that this time around I skipped ahead straight to the meaty second set, with arguably the best Mike’s Groove since the boys return. As any Philadelphia area hoagie snob will tell you, a sandwich is only as good as the bread, and this Mike’s is good from top to bottom. The remaster really serves the tight and collaborative jamming style well, bringing out the harmonious layers of Night Nurse and the beautiful piano and drum contributions in Mango. While overshadowed by the earlier Guyutica, this show was another huge step forward for the band and represents some of their best playing of 2010.

Live Phish 10/30/10 Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ

Download: Wolfman’s Brother -> Undermind here

Of course, most everyone will remember this show for the TweeZepplin noodle/slopfest of the second set, but it’s the first set that really stands out here. The sequence of Walk Away, Wolfman’s, Undermind, Bathtub Gin and Squirming Coil was packed with tons of energy and some of Trey’s finest guitar work. Listen for the way the Ocedoc really pops in the remaster of Undermind, and of course Page shines throughout Coil. The second set is worth the listen at least once, and the remaster certainly helps to capture the raw energy of the moment, but the real juice is in the closing stretch of the first set.