Monday Morning Video Pick-Me-Up: California

Today we witnessed one of the world’s rarest events: the announcement of a west-coast Phish show.

All of this happens to work pretty well with my plans: this week I finalized my decision to move to southern California in August. To all you west coasters that aren’t, like me, starting to suspect that the band is following you around, I offer my sincerest apologies for making it look so easy. This Monday Morning Video Pick-Me-Up is California-themed, and it’s for you.

First up, the Oh Kee Pa > AC/DC Bag from 2/14/03, the first show of the first tour post-hiatus. This sequence is mostly known for the guy who rushes the stage and wishes his significant other a happy Valentine’s day, but it should be known for the really slick groove out of Bag:

2/14/03 Oh Kee Pa > AC/DC Bag:

An even slicker groove happened during the band’s most recent stint in California. This one’s from last August 6 at the Greek in Berkeley. You all have probably heard it, but it’s worth another watch/listen, I promise.

Next we move to 8/29/92, during Phish’s run of shows opening for Santana. Here’s the fiery Chalk Dust Torture.

Three years later, the band was back at Shoreline, this time as the headliner. They ripped a Reba jam. The composed part of the song is missing, but you’ll hardly remember that by the time the video ends.