NBA Action…It’s Phantastic!

intro by Poster Nutbag
Guy Forget and I have been talking a lot about setlists in our Tales of Mental Tangle, like our recent discussion about August ’93 and November ‘94. I wanted to think of a new way to present some highlights of Phish in an unconventional way by using groupings that may not have necessarily been used before. The inclusion of the I-90 CD in the Live at Utica box set gave this idea light in my eyes, so I started thinking about grouping Phish shows in ways that have ties, but might not be totally linear in fashion. For this first edition, I thought we should look at some Phish highlights as inspired by the NBA playoffs. This isn’t a competiton of sorts, like a bracket, but rather a place to discuss, think, and contribute to the discussion. Guy and I put together this compilation with a few criteria: first, we’d come up with five tracks that happened in or around each city. Second, we’d lean towards underappreciated versions of songs (though we didn’t stick to this entirely). Third, no official releases, which will explain some obvious omissions (though we downloaded audience recordings where necessary).

NBA Action…It’s Phantastic: Eastern Conference (click the city name to download the compilation for that city)

Chicago Bulls vs. Indiana Pacers
Chicago: 6/18/94 David Bowie, 10/3/98 Moma Dance, 11/7/98 AC/DC Bag > Ghost, 2/20/03 Seven Below.
Indiana: 6/19/95 David Bowie, 8/10/97 Harry Hood, 7/25/99 My Friend My Friend > My Left Toe > Whipping Post

Philadelphia 76ers vs. Miami Heat
Philadelphia: 5/1/93 Mike’s Song > Great Gig in the Sky > Weekapaug Groove, 6/24/95 David Bowie, 12/3/97 post-Possum jam
Miami: 12/28/03 Tweezer, 12/29/03 Piper, 12/30/99 Mike’s Song, 12/31/99 Rock and Roll, 12/30/09 Back on the Train

Boston Celtics vs. New York Knicks
Boston: 12/31/92 Diamond Girl, 12/31/96 Bohemian Rhapsody, 11/28/97 Ghost, 7/12/99 Foreplay/Longtime, 2/26/03 Moma Dance
New York: 4/15/94 Alumni Blues, 12/31/95 Harry Hood, 12/28/98 Been Caught Stealin’, 12/29/98 2001, 5/22/00 Ghost

Orlando Magic vs. Atlanta Hawks
Orlando: 2/23/93 Weekapaug Groove > Nellie Kane > Weekapaug Groove, 10/22/94 David Bowie, 11/14/95 You Enjoy Myself
Atlanta: 11/10/95 You Enjoy Myself > Crossroads > You Enjoy Myself, 7/24/97 Ghost, 6/24/00 Tweezer

Before we go, this video epitomizes the place where basketball meets musical epicness: