Gorge to Have Obstructed River View

The Gorge, the fan favorite venue that will host two shows on Phish’s summer tour,  is reportedly (by the Seattle Weekly in 2010) will still have a large black backdrop for the venue’s 2011 concert season.

The venue, known for its natural beauty, located above the Columbia River, normally has no back to the stage.  Instead of seeing the picturesque background while watching Phish tear into another Sneakin’ Sally, all you’re going to see is a big “plastic bag” backdrop.  The decision to do this comes from Live Nation, saying that it’s to help “weather proof” the stage.

The Black Hole

You would think that they could leave the backdrop rolled up so they could drop it just in case rain became a factor.  Apparently Live Nation doesn’t care that much though.

In another Gorge-related news, camping will now feature optional “Glamping“, already-setup tent/cottages built for 2-4 people.  The name comes from a mix of the words, “camping” and “glamour”.