Denver Phisheads: Pedal Bar is Ready to “Rage”

This is a message for any Phish fan in the Denver area, or anyone traveling to the area soon: THE DENVER PEDAL BAR IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS–and phan friendly.  Very close friends and members of OPT, Nick Vannucci and Nick Richter (who was one of the writers on Tales of Mental Tangle 8), own and manage the Pedal Bar (notice the Phish shirt in video below).  If asked, they love bumping Phish on the Pedal Bar and are already thinking of doing complete shows for some of their 3-hour tours (for phan tours, obviously).

Completely “green”
The Pedal Bar escorts a large group of people in a night of bar hopping or any other tour the group may want to partake in.  If you go to bars, there are usually drink specials for the Pedalers.  Each person sitting on the Pedal Bar pedals with minimal effort to get the vehicle rolling.  One of the employees steers and serves Vitamin Water.  The lights and sound system are powered by a solar panel on top.

Please check this awesome new business out on their Facebook page and twitter page.