Monday Morning Video Pick-Me-Up: Duanebase

Every Monday morning, we post a handful of Phish videos to help you get your week started on a positive note. We put a good amount of time into assembling a group of videos that fit a theme, and that you may not have seen, and most importantly, that rock balls. But none of this would be possible without the generosity and hard work of the fans who upload the videos, either from their collections or from their own original recordings. To all of those kind individuals, we offer our sincere thanks.

But these last few days have been sad ones for watchers of balls-rocking-videos everywhere. For Duanebase, perhaps the most prolific of all the Phish video sharers, had his Youtube account shut down. Even more frustrating: it wasn’t even the Phish videos that got him booted. And like that, hours upon hours of videos are gone; hours of Duanebase’s work down the drain.

In honor of Duanebase, here are a few favorite videos that remain online. Let’s be grateful we have them, and let’s hope Duanebase finds another way to keep sharing the love.

12/9/95 YEM:

7/6/98 Ghost:

3/24/92 Llama:

9/14/99 Down with Disease:

11/16/96 Harry Hood:

10/21/95 Good Times Bad Times: