Setlist Lineup: Milwaukee Brewers

We move to the midwest for the next in our continuing series of setlist lineups. This one, for the Milwaukee Brewers, was sent to us by Luke Gierhahn. While it includes as many Alpine Valley jams as you’d expect (only one Wisconsin show in the last 15 years, 11/6/98, has been played anywhere other than Alpine) Luke did a great job of incorporating some gems from elsewhere in the Badger State. You can download his compilation below.

Reminder: if you would like to submit your setlist lineup for your favorite baseball team, email The rules are simple: take your team’s starting lineup and match it with a specific version of a Phish song or songs that best matches that player. The only catch is that the songs you choose must have been played in your team’s general geographic area, so don’t pick the Greek Cities to represent Alfonso Soriano if you are a Cubs fan.

Take it away, Luke:


Other than the obvious differences, I get the same warm feeling from anticipating the beginning of baseball and summer Phish. They both represent nice weather, hanging with friends, and outdoor grillin’ and drinkin’. The derivative of all these facets equals fun. Baseball season begins on the heels of an NFL lockout (despite a judge recently ruling in favor of the players’ union, the outlook is still sketchy). Summer Tour ’11 kicks off under an array of rumor, the largest of which is the future of the band post summer. Moral of the story? Let’s live in the moment this summer, and enjoy and revel in the opportunities we have. The Brewers have all the right people in all the right places, for the most part. Baring a vulnerable bullpen, the ‘Crew has pieced together a formidable team, taking aim at the top spot in the NL Central. Optimism is prevalent, despite the lingering stench of failure from years past. I don’t know if it’s all the booze, but Brewers fans seem to have a short memory, which is good. As for Phish, well, we all expect big things. I think one of the reasons they keep coming back is because of their demanding fan base (enter OPT). Combining the two entities into a blur of ground rule doubles and type II space odysseys was a blast into the past of legendary Phish moments. The trouble was not getting too caught up in the space-time continuum. Enjoy.

Rickie Weeks – Ramble On 8/1/98
Weeks hit his first pitch of the 2011 season out of the park. The Brewers ended up blowing the game in true Brewers fashion, but the opening act was nothing short of exhilarating. The opener on the warm summer night of August 1st ’98 was truly special as well. This isn’t to say the band ran out of steam throughout the show (quite the opposite in fact), but this Ramble On led off the night with such precision and poise.

Carlos Gomez – Sparkle 6/17/94
Gomez is indeed a gem that exhibits a sparkle with his dazzling speed. He has over 80 steals already in his short major league career, and flashes an impenetrable glove in centerfield. He’s young, has all the talent in the world and is only going to get better. Thanks Minnesota.

Finally got my Fluffhead, brah!

Ryan Braun -> Prince Fielder – 2001>Sample in a Jar, Poor Heart>Mike’s Song->Simple->Mike’s Song> I am Hydrogen>Weekapaug Groove, Harpua->Kung->Harpua 6/17/94
Braun and Fielder make up one of the best 3->4 combos in all of baseball. They deserve the infamous “OJ” show 2nd set segue because they are just that good. Braun has won a slew of awards in his 4 years with the Brewers, including NL Rookie of the Year in 2007. The Brewers have so much confidence in the guy; they just extended his contract until 2020. Fielder is a beast (and a vegan strangely enough) and became the first Brewer to win the Home Run Derby in 2009. He also became the youngest player ever to hit 50 home runs in a season. Brewers nation fears his stay in Milwaukee will be short, but we’ve enjoyed all the dingers thus far. “What do you say OJ?”

Casey McGehee – Ghost 8/9/97
In 2010, McGehee was voted as the Brewers’ most valuable player. He had a team high 107 RBIs in only 157 games played. He burst onto the Brewers scene much like Ghost cemented itself in the summer of ’97. McGehee may not be the most nimble 3rd baseman out there, but he has proven himself consistent and productive in his short time with the ‘crew.

Yuniesky Betancourt – HYHU>Whipping Post>HYHU 8/10/96
To be honest, I don’t know a whole lot about this guy. The Brewers picked him up in the off-season with the Greinke trade from KC. He’s supposedly known for his defense, but I have yet to see it. One play that stands out from this season is a blown routine grounder in the 9th inning against the Phillies that COULD’VE led to a comeback rally. Just saying. In memorial to his faltering play this year, I’ve designated this HYHU/ Whipping Post sandwich to the Brewers’ newfound shortstop. Enjoy.

Jonathan Lucroy – YEM 4/30/92
Lucroy is a homegrown thoroughbred Brewer. Drafted by the ‘Crew in 2007, he has some serious raw skill at the ripe young age of 24. He’s had a relatively product year, coming off the DL, and is expected to be a productive member of the cast. This YEM exhibits the raw energy apparent early in Phish’s career. While both this YEM and Lucroy alike aren’t quite there yet, they’re on the cusp of something special. I’m excited to see this kid progress and fulfill his potential throughout the next few years.

Nyger Morgan – Good Times Bad Times 5/1/92
Like Betancourt, Morgan was also acquired by the Brewers in the 2011 off-season. That being said, Morgan has had some colorful ups and downs in his career. I knew his face seemed familiar when he joined the Brewers, and sure enough he was all over ESPN last season from a slew of on-field altercations. In a game last year against the Marlins, Morgan charged the mound twice. The night before, Morgan ran over the Marlins’ catcher, separating his shoulder. Needless to say, the Marlins were gunning for him the following night, and so was the MLB, who fined Morgan an undisclosed amount for the bench-clearing brawl. Earlier in the same season he was fined for throwing a ball at a fan. Oops! Other than that, he’s speedy and a great defensive outfielder. I like his aggressive attitude and hope he can fire up the sluggish Brewers this season. Just bring the good times, though, ok Morgan?

Craig Counsell – Tweezer Reprise Alpine ’98, ’99, ’00, ‘10
At age 40, Craig Counsell has become a consistent utility player for the Brewers. A hometown favorite (and native), he can lay down a sacrifice bunt, turn a double play, or bloop a game winning single over the shortstop. Tweezer, and consequently, Tweezer Reprise have appeared and reappeared multiple times throughout the years in Wisconsin. Craig Counsell has also pulled the disappearing, reappearing act in both Milwaukee and Arizona…where he won two World Series and the NL MVP in ’01…NBD.

Corey Hart – Frankenstein 8/1/98
If you’ve seen Corey, you know. Sometimes referred to as Chewbacca, he’s not the prettiest baseball player in Milwaukee. What he lacks in ravishing good looks, however, he makes up for with heart (yea, pun intended). He’s fun to watch, swings a mean bat and is one of the speedier runners (standing 6’6” tall) on the squad. I can’t wait for this guy to get off the disabled list. Much like the energy he brings to the field, Frankenstein brings the heat every time at ‘Pine.

Yovani Gallardo – Fluffhead 7/24/99
Whatever “it” is, this kid’s got it. Much like the epic Fluffhead from ‘Pine ’99, Yovani has the ability to single-handedly take over the show. In 2009, Gallardo pitched a shut out while also posting the game’s only run with a solo shot in the 8th inning (editors note: did this really happen?). Are you kidding me? Fluffhead is a glorious gem on any given night, but in the 1st set on July 24th, 1999 this 33-min monster flexed its type II muscle. By and large, this rendition is the signature jam of Phish’s tenure in Wisconsin. Prove me wrong.

Zack Greinke – 2001>Magilla>2001>Tweezer 8/1/98
Zack Greinke is as talented a pitcher as a Roy Halladay or Tim Lincecum. In 2009 he posted the lowest ERA in the majors and won the coveted AL Cy Young Award. He asked KC to trade him after the 2010 season, and the Brewers were smart enough to pick him up. Unfortunately, he’s started the 2011 season on the disabled list due to a rib injury he suffered playing basketball. Coupled with Gallardo in the starting rotation, these guys are going to be good. The missing ingredient for the Brew Crew has always been pitching. It’s nice to see owner Mark Attanasio going after some real talent. While the NL Central holds their breath in his absence, enjoy this unprecedented 2001>Magilla>2001>Tweezer. My only wish is that Greinke’s time with the Brewers lasts longer than C.C. Sabathia’s.