Setlist Lineups: Giants (Reprise)

If you’ve been following our Setlist Lineups feature, you know we’ve already covered the world champion San Francisco Giants. But if you’ve followed it as attentively as our reader Justito, then you may have realized that, strictly speaking, that lineup didn’t follow the rules: although the 7/20/98 Split Open and Melt may be the perfect musical representation of Pat Burrell, it was played in Ventura–hardly a local SF show.

Justito provided his own Giants setlist, and it was so good we had to post it–as always, accompanied by an audio compilation.

If you would like to submit your setlist lineup for your favorite baseball team, email The rules are simple: take your team’s starting lineup and match it with a specific version of a Phish song or songs that best matches that player. The only catch is that the songs you choose must have been played in your team’s general geographic area, so don’t pick the Greek Cities to represent Alfonso Soriano if you are a Cubs fan.

Download Justito’s Giants Compilation.

Andres TorresRunaway Jim 04/17/92. While Jim may have been 12 years old when his trip began, it took Torres 12 long years from when he was drafted by the Tigers in 1998 to play his first full season in the Big Leagues in 2010. This version of Jim is a perfect match for the speedy Torres. This was the band’s first performance at the Warfield in San Francisco, and it got things going just like Torres does at the plate for the defending champions.

Freddy Sanchez Simple 08/06/10 Sanchez truly makes America’s pastime look Simple. In the field, he is great with the glove. At the plate, his effortless swing is the reason he won the batting title back in 2006. If it was not for a raging take on Cities, this version of Simple may have damn well been the highlight of last year’s Greek Theatre run. Truly something special, just like Sanchez who became the first player to hit three doubles in his first three World Series at bats.

Aubrey Huff – Piper 07/19/98 Ok, so perhaps a red worm and a red thong are not the exact same thing, but Huff riding his “red worm” till the boys from the Bay were eliminated was just one of the many wonderful moments of the 2010 Championship run. As far as this Piper goes, sandwiched between Wolfman’s and Tweezer, it hits as hard as anything off of #17’s bat.

Buster Posey – You Enjoy Myself 07/09/03 There is no doubt that Phish’s summer 2003 tour got off to a rough start. After sloppy shows in Phoenix and Chula Vista, phans were begging for the band to kick it up a notch. Opening their two-night Shoreline run with YEM was just the kick in the ass the band needed. The same could be said for the San Francisco’s 2010 season. With the offense struggling, Posey was called up on May 29th to provide some much needed offensive fireworks. With 18 home runs and a firm command behind the plate, fans by the Bay literally watched Posey morph from Boy>Man>God. Shit!

While on the topic of Posey: while many in the off-season claimed there was no way he could top winning both Rookie of the Year and a World Series in his rookie campaign, #28 is off to a fine start by making a special appearance in the teaser trailer for Phish’s Superball IX festival.

Pablo SandovalKung 03/25/93 The man who is known as Kung Fu Panda was having a STAND UP 2011 campaign till he broke his wrist. As of typing this out, the lean mean Sandoval is due back into the lineup around the time Leg 1 of Summer Tour 2011 wraps.

Pat Burrell – The entire Shoreline 2003 run [7/9/03 Piper>Twist included in audio compilation] When Pat is on, he is on (see the run up to the playoffs in 2010). When Pat is off, boy is he bad (see the 2010 World Series). Thus he is the 2003 Shoreline run. Night one (07/09/03) Phish hit it out of the park with the You Enjoy Myself opener and a tasty second set that featured a sweet Boogie>AC DC Bag>Piper>Twist>Scents and Subtle Sounds. You could easily argue that night one was the highlight of the summer ’03 West Coast run. Yet 07/10/03 is the second worst show I have ever seen Phish play (Chula Vista two nights earlier takes the cake as the worst). From the opening Spices>Wave it was clear from the start that Phish was going to strike out.

Miguel Tejada – Dirt 07/31/97 Perhaps his last hurrah, the Giants love signing short stops who really should give it up. Vizquel, Renteria and now Tejada. Sure, San Francisco was not the final resting place for the first two, but with his batting average around .200 it’s starting to look as if Tejada’s career is six feet under.

Brian Wilson – Wolfman’s Brother 09/17/99 If you have to ask why, then you probably shouldn’t be reading this. Just know this particular Wolfman was extra hairy as Phil Lesh added his low end magic to the mix.

Matt Cain – Light 08/07/10 Cleary Timmy gets all the love. The Cy Young awards, the TV commercials and of course the drug busts (perhaps if Phish performed Makisupa in the Bay Area more often, I could have used that) all come to mind. But we all know that Matt Cain would be a #1 on most teams. This Greek Theatre Light works in a few ways – the #2 starter/second song of second set comes to mind. Yet when you think of the album Joy, Light has really become the unsung hero, the cream of the crop – much like Mr. Matt Cain.

Honorable mention:

Juan Uribe – I’m Blue I’m Lonesome 10/17/98 How’s life in Los Angeles, Juan? Enjoying the fact that MLB is running the team? How does Broxton look in a thong? We saw you cry when the Giants presented you with your ring on the field a few weeks back. Hope the extra couple of bucks is worth playing at Chavez Latrine.