Monday Morning Video Pick-Me-Up: Summers Past

As many of you probably know, a soundboard of the 7/4/00 Twist > Slave surfaced over the weekend. The track comes from a (presumably imminent) Past Summer Tour compilation, similar to last year’s. Following that theme, I’ve put together a Past Summer Tour video compilation, highlighting some of the best of what Phish has already played in the venues they’ll be hitting over the next month.

First up, the excellent, eerie Backwards Down the Number Line from last year’s Blossom show:

Next, the Lit O Bit opener from last year’s Great Woods show. The Rita Clarke cover hasn’t resurfaced on Phish’s stage, although Mike did play it on his solo tour.

Darien 2009 was the first time I’ve ever made a day-of-show decision to get in the car and see Phish. Grabbed some tickets from some guy in Manhattan who was desperate to unload them, drove 6 or 7 hours, got into the lot as the opening notes of Sample were playing, and sprinted to the venue. I got to my seats just in time for Dinner and a Movie. The results were mixed–it’s not the most flawless version–but I was as pumped as the rest of the crowd. Let’s hope this song makes at least one appearance this summer.

Ah, Camden. Such a great city for Phish, and such a terrible one for everything else. (I should say I’ve never been to the aquarium, but have heard wonderful things.) This venue has hosted some great moments in 3.0: the 6/7/09 Sand and Tweezer, which were some of the first indications the band could still jam; last year’s Rover bustout, Chalkdust jam, and MJ-infused 2001. But no moment last year was quite as exciting to me as the second-night opener:

Alpharetta. Some great moments from last year’s July 4th run. But let’s face it, none of the jams are going to live up to this post’s purpose–a Monday pick-me-up–quite like this video will. Killing in the Name.

I’ll close it out with one non-3.0 selection. I’ve posted this one before, but it’s so great that it deserves a re-watch. Ladies and gents, the Charlotte ’03 Hood.