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We have reached the point during our Live in Utica Box Set giveaway contest for the readers to vote on their two favorite contest submissions.

A couple days ago I asked OPT fans to email me with either their favorite part of the 10/20/2010 concert, or their favorite memory from attending the show.  I picked the following four submissions as my favorites.  You are able to vote on your two favorites below (POLL AT BOTTOM) The two submissions with the highest votes by 11:59pm EST on Sunday, May 22 will each win a copy of Live in Utica from Online Phish Tour.  I will ship the prizes out on Monday.

The DVD/CD set can be purchased here for $32.99, and will be released on May 24.  To read the OPT review of the set, click here.


Ben from South Jersey

As a 17 year old phish fan, i was too young to experience anything until 2009. I live right near Atlantic City, and urgently entered myself into the ticket lottery upon watching the fall tour announcement for all 3 nights of AC. Nothing had me more excited to finally see phish live than the Guyituca show. This was the phish i had fallen in love with, and the phish i wanted to see. My favorite show is 12-11-1997 in Rochester, which i actually discovered from Bittersweet Motel. The part where the crowd is yelling “Wilson!” while Trey is going “He’s bouncing like a new born elf.” It really shows how much fun both Trey and the crowd is having at that specific moment (around 6:40 second into David Bowie). I love it how Wilson is a different song, as is Guyute, but no one seems to care. Its really all about that moment, not about the rules, the regulations, or what people will say after.


Matthew Stevens

My favorite part of the 10/20/10 show in Utica is the second half of the first set, from Guyute onward.  I imagine that many fans feel the same way. […]

Many of my favorite Phish shows share a combination of improv, spontaneity, tongue-in-cheek humor, and musical mastery that only Phish on a great night can pull off.  When I listened to 10/20/10, particularly that second half of set one, I heard parts that repeatedly reminded of my favorite shows.  When Trey starts playing the E chord intro to Wilson during the Bowie jam, prompting the crowd to start chanting “Wilson!” and he responds by darkly whispering “is bouncing like a newborn elf”, I can’t help but think of the waythe band effortlessly mashed up Wilson and Cavern 16 years earlier on 7/13/94, seemingly on a whim.

As Guyute teases popped up in nearly every song throughout the rest of the set I thought of shows like the Worcester Wipeout show in ’98, the Deer Creek Moby Dick show in 2000, and the Merriweather Saw it Again show in summer of ’10, where the band connects song after song together using a simple repeating theme, yet each time in a way that is surprising and different from the song before.  And with McGrupp, Saw it Again, and Have Mercy from later on in set two, there are the rarities that seem to come out in abundance when theband is really enjoying themselves and in a playful mood.

[…] It’s good to know that after 27 years together, a hiatus, and a breakup that Phish can still pull shows like this off and I hope I’ll be there for the next one.


Derek Barylski


While listening to the Utica show, I can tell that Phish is on their A-Game for this gig. The small, intimate crowd reminds me (and I’m sure them as well) of shows of the olden days where they would have much more creativity on the stage and just jam. As soon as I heard about this show, I downloaded it and began listening immediately. As stated by OPT, this may be [one of] the best show[s] of the 3.0 saga, and I didn’t want to be out of the loop.

I really enjoyed listening to Wilson. I felt as if Trey was trying really hard to have the crowd chant “GUUUUUUUYYYYYYYYY-UTEEEE” instead of the standard “Wil-son”. He teased the Guyute lick several times hoping that they would catch on. I assume that very few did but I found myself singing Guyute instead because it just seemed so right. After all, this was Guyutica.

I also found myself enthralled with Wolfman’s Brother. The vocal jams where the boys were singing the notes they were playing was a fun mix-up and had caught my attention while driving around Denver. They nailed the song and really sounded passionate in their playing. It was a terrific jam and definitely in my top three of the night.

After a point on David Bowie, I knew that this was definitely a top show of the 3.0 era. I’ve listened to this show several times and was very excited to hear that they were dropping this as a box set. Although I rarely buy DVD’s or CD’s anymore, I am very excited for this Live Phish box set.

I know that the Live in Utica Box Set would be in good hands with me and hopefully you feel the same way!



Mike Rooney

Note: Edited to shorten
Getting into Phish was the cool thing to do in my high school in the late ’90’s, so the group of people that I have known for a good portion of my life I see quite often at shows.

I’ve seen a few shows at this venue before[…].  Utica also marked the first of the shows my close knit group of friends and myself were hitting since Jones Beach, so we were all flying rather high with anticipation. To add to the excitement, one of my closest friends flew in the night before from Oregon. I hadn’t seen him since MSG the prior December.   We arrive in Utica early enough to enjoy a couple beers in the parking lot, and casually run into friends around every corner.

Once we got inside, the girls pee, the guys grab waters, and we go to our section. Turns out that our section was either undesirable by most, or we jot got super lucky, but there were about 25 people from my hometown littered around the section straight back from the stage, and a little on page-side. It was fantastic.

The show is well underway, and everyone is boogieing down, smiles aplenty. The guy with the “Guyutica” sign comes prancing through the aisle in front of us and everyone acknowledges the cleverness. Little did we know that this modern day Nostradamus was telling us something. After Guyute was played, we all assumed that the band was giving a nod to the man with the sign. Then Bowie began and total insanity ensued. My notebook with the setlist written in it is a prime example of how crazy the place was going (you can barely read any of it).   By the time setbreak came, I desperately needed to get some air. When I stepped into the hall, it appeared that I was not the only one sweating. In fact, even inanimate objects like the walls and windows were also dripping wet. There was even a layer of fog obscuring the ceiling from my view.

[The] second set proves that the band is not in the laid back mood. They are firing on all cylinders, and we’re loving every second of it. In a room 4 sizes too small for Phish, in a town with little more than a brewery and central location to boast of, Phish just treated us to a triumphant display of what they are still capable of.  One of the best post show memories was walking through the door to get outside, and feeling that autumn air in NY. A relieving “ahhhhh” was let out as our lungs filled with much needed fresh, cold, oxygen rich air.  It was funny to notice that everyone was releasing their own personal “ahhhhh”, as if a perpetually changing choir was exiting the building. My friend from Oregon and myself recollected our favorite moments from the show, and exclaimed “This is what it’s all about!”.

Yeah Phish!


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  • Derek Barylski (33%, 130 Votes)
  • Ben from South Jersey (27%, 106 Votes)
  • Matthew Stevens (15%, 58 Votes)

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