Summer Rage Sauce: Texas Heat ’98

For the last installment of ‘Summer Rage Sauce’ before returning to the usual ‘Show for Your Weekend’, I was originally going to go with another show.  However, last week, Phish Net released their Wolfman’s Brother Jamming Chart.  I took a look and noticed it was missing a very important date: 7/24/1998.  It started an exchange of messages about the version of Wolfman’s between Phish Net and me.  I gave it a listen for the first time in a couple years to accurately describe the jam–it is not part of the jamming chart with a gracious credit to Online Phish Tour.  After relistening to that show, I had to pick it for this week’s show.

This show was the first time of only twice the band played at Cynthia Woods in Texas–I wish they would play this beautiful venue again. The unusual Moma Dance opener captured the sound of much of the Summer ’98 tour–thick.  While I understand why a lot of  ’98 gets is less popular than other years, there is no doubt that the summer of ’98 featured a laid back-groovy type of feel.

Set 1: The Moma Dance > Runaway Jim, Bouncing Around the Room, Stash, My Soul,Taste, Golgi Apparatus, Loving Cup

Set 2: Wolfman’s Brother > Also Sprach Zarathustra > Scent of a Mule > Ha Ha Ha ->Scent of a Mule, Slave to the Traffic Light > Chalk Dust Torture

Encore: Character Zero

I’m not going to lie, I have not listened to the first set of this show in years, I don’t remember it enough to comment on it.  It’s the second set I’ve come here to write about.

A second-set Wolfman’s Brother opener has been something I’ve been wishing they did since 2009.  While I enjoy the current style of the song, I really want a break-out, open-ended version.  Instead of reviewing the song all over for you guys, I’m simply going to paste what I wrote to Phish Net about it for the Jam Chart:

Prob more than you need, but here is the breakdown:

Total Time: 23:28

Composed section is much slower than normal.

Mike is digging deep with slapping out of the gates to the jam.

10:00 Trey starts with one of the jam’s main patterns of playing. Mike catches on with slapping, deep slapping. Fishman starts evolving the simple drum beat to a more and more complex series of rolling as the jam continues.

11:45 Trey continues the guitar pattern with more wah pedal, making it more funky.

13:45 Trey breaks away from pattern, jam floats astray.

14:30 Build

14:50 Trey wails out of build in a slowed fashion

16:30 Trills over the wah pedal > more wailing

17:50 Trey returns to pattern in a heavier manner. Fish catches on.

18:30 Heavy funk

18:55 Back into power chord pattern

19:15 Heavy funk > funk build

19:35 power chord pattern with punctuated licks

20:00 outro of jam; trey throws out some loops; space is entered

-Have a nice day.

This version of Wolfman’s Brother is very powerful–it leads into a long and spacey 2001. The following Mule Duel contains Ha Ha Ha in the middle.  Then, the gorgeous Slave led into a blazing CDT–just when you think Slave is ending it, the kick it up a notch to end the set.  Character Zero closes the night off.

>>>DOWNLOAD sbd<<<

Don’t expect a weekend show next Friday, we will be gearing up for Bethel!  Stay tuned for all our pre-tour coverage!