Monday Morning Video Pick-Me-Up

The “pick-me-up” part of this weekly feature is meant, obviously, to refer to your spirits, which are lowest on Monday but can be picked up by some energetic Phish videos. This particular edition, however, will work a bit differently. Over the past week, we’ve seen some Phish moments that are so good that they will literally knock your face right off your head. Once you’ve watched the videos, which I’ve embedded below, you will need to pick your face up off the ground. Enjoy.

6/4 Possum (via Phish’s Vimeo page):

6/3 Down with Disease (via Phish’s Vimeo page):

5/31 Maze (via Phish’s Vimeo page):

6/1 No Quarter:

5/31 Chalk Dust Torture:

You can count on there being more next week where this came from. Have a great week, and safe travels and great shows to all those who are seeing the band this week.