Monday Morning Video Pick-Me-Up

As the second full week of Summer Tour comes to a close, the band seems to have settled into a relaxed but energetic style, playing tons of songs but almost no extended jams. While that translates to very few moments that will make the history books, it provides us with plenty of rocking videos to get the week started right.

Possum has been the most frequently played songs of the tour, but also one of the best. The first really unconventional version came in Cuyahoga Falls on 6/4, and the band released the HD video:

The following night’s Vimeo selection was the year’s first Mound:

In Great Woods two nights later, the band played John Lennon’s Instant Karma for only the second time ever:

At Darien Lake, your humble blogger got involved with the gig. I was lucky enough to be in the front row, so I brought a sign I’d made with my friend AlienVsAids (more on him later). Trey liked it, and, well, check out the results below:

The band didn’t play Jennifer Dances in Camden, as I’d hoped. But what we got instead was arguably even better. Especially this gorgeous Curtain With, which the band released:

As I mentioned, the Jennifer Dances sign was the brainchild of both myself and AlienVsAids. Well AvA wasn’t at Darien to see his brainchild come into the world, because he was with his wife, who gave birth to an actual child Saturday night. Congratulations to them both. The beautiful little girl was born at 9:52 p.m., at which point Phish was at Merriweather, playing Silent in the Morning. Instead of that song, though, I’d like to send out this video to little AvA Jr., which I’ll link to because I couldn’t get it to embed.