Monday Morning Video Pick-Me-Up

Tour’s over. But there’s so much to be happy about. First off, there were some great shows. Second, Super Ball IX is practically here already. Third, the second leg is only a month after that. Fourth, and best of all, I’ve put together the definitive end-of-tour video compilation for all of you, with my favorite moments from the first leg of tour. Thanks again to Phish for posting free HD day-after-show footage of many of these gems, and to mkdevo and the other audience camera men and women for having us covered on the rest.

The jam of the tour, Down with Disease from Clarkston, MI, on 6/3:

One of the less jammy highlights of the tour came during one of the weakest shows, Holmdel 2 (6/1/11), with the debut of Led Zeppelin’s No Quarter:

Boogie On > Waves, from the 5/27 tour opener in Bethel (go to Phish’s vimeo page for a video of just the Waves)

Some were unhappy with how frequently Possum was played (7 times in 18 shows). I, however, was happy with how well it was played. No version beat this one, from 6/4 in Cuyahoga Falls:

Rock and Roll was jammed out in Great Woods:

The first leg saw the debut of only one original tune, but it was among the best received new songs since the band’s 2009 return. Here’s Steam from Merriweather:

Phish busted out the antics toward the end of the tour. Just as in August 2009, they played Forbin’s/Mockingbird and Icculus in the tour’s third-to-last show, and Harpua in the tour closer. Here’s the Icculus from Charlotte:

If you can endure a bit of unfortunate crowd sing-along action, this Sneakin’ Sally from Cuyahoga Falls is a keeper:

And finally, the Charlotte Rock and Roll jam > Ghost, which promises to set you off on your week on a joyous note:

The countdown to 9 is at 11. Have a good one, everybody.