Mike’s Leaves Message About Jamming and Sobriety

Today, via Mike Gordon’s Hotline, Mike left a message that answered some questions regarding the band not doing “extended” jams anymore.  He also answered some questions about being sober on stage now.

Mike says that he thinks the jams right now are pretty long going on to say that 1994 and 1995 are over.

He said that they don’t drink or smoke pot before concerts anymore, but that intoxication and drugs aren’t necessarily a bad thing.  In the middle of his message, an automated voice cuts him off saying that the mailbox is full.

Obviously a lot of us feel like there is sometimes a hesitance to jam in 3.0–it’s interesting that these questions are finally getting around to the band.  We’ll see if any more of this is addressed in the Trey interview rumored to be in Rolling Stone soon.

LISTEN HERE –> Mike Gordon 6/23/11

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