Cliffs Notes: Trey’s Rolling Stone Interview

VTTees Trey

If you’re short on time, and want to read what matters without the filler, you’ve come to the right place.  Like we did with the SBIX FAQ, when we cut out everything but the jokes, here is the interview with only the things that matter when you’re in a crunch to read.

Edited from The Rolling Stone article Trey Anastasio Says Phish Likely to Start Recording This Winter:

How does it feel to be onstage again after the break?

The sound is killer, partially due to some fine-tuning we’ve been doing over the last two tours, and due to this badass new sound system we broke out in Bethel.

The band feels loose, and it’s  so cool looking out and seeing all of these people that I haven’t seen in a while. It’s a pretty tight-knit. You’d be surprised how many people I recognize.

Have you heard any great songs lately you want to cover?

I went through an obsession with Beach House recently, I actually found myself trying to copy that picking style of guitar during one of the jams in Bethel.

I’ve kind been toying with this idea of covering “Master of Puppets” for [a while].  (OPT interjection: OMFG)

When do you hope to record a new Phish album? Any idea what it will sound like yet?

We are talking about opening the door to a new album this winter. Next year is looking like it will be a less busy touring year, mostly because of family obligations for some of the band members.

The Super Ball IX is coming up July 1st. Any big plans you can share with us?

We have loads of plans for Super Ball IX!  The four of us have a backstage brainstorming meeting tonight with the artists about the festival.

Now that Phish has been playing for 25-plus years, do you get tired of playing long sets? Or has time made it easier?

Not only isn’t it getting tiring, but it’s getting harder in some ways to kill the time between gigs. Music has always been my protection against the world.  I feel safe inside of a jam.

What’s you’re favorite all-time summer song?
How about “Wipeout.” Now that’s a summer song.