Monday Morning Video Pick Me Up: More Ball

Last week, we looked at a few videos from Superball, but since most of the festival’s attendees were still getting home, the video pickings were slim. Now, everyone’s made it home (we sincerely hope), and there’s a bit more to look at.

First off, the weekend’s first jam, and in my opinion, probably its best: the final jam from the soundcheck, which someone caught a good portion of on video. Not the best angle, but hey, it’s something.

Next, the weekend’s weirdest jam (but also arguably its best): the late-night Storage Jam. Maybe you’ve heard it, , and you’re wondering just what the hell was going on. Well, these videos will not answer all your questions. But they’ll help.

This next video will also provide some helpful visual context for a stretch of the festival that sounded pretty great, but turns out to have looked pretty great as well. Big Balls, which was enhanced by, well, a bunch of big balls, and Down with Disease, with its massive glowstick war:

Finally, a few that don’t feature footage of the festival’s music. Two pro-shot videos from New Year’s Eve surfaced at the House of Live Phish tent. Sand and Ghost:

At Kevin Shapiro’s From the Video Archives show, the band’s archivist played the second set madness from the 8/14/97 show at Darien Lake. It has to be seen, and one fan captured the Forbin’s segment:

And with that, have a bozo-delic week.